What Are Silicone Sealants?

Silicone sealants are liquid adhesives that behave similarly to a gel.

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As the name implies, they are used as a sealing material. They create a protective bond and barrier against dust, gasses, liquid, and other contaminants.

Silicone sealants are highly effective because of their elasticity and stability. They can be used in extremely high or low temperatures and still perform effectively. Silicone sealants are water- and chemical-resistant. Because of this, they are perfect for sealing off areas that may come in contact with water such as the outdoor structures and indoor plumbing.

You shouldn’t have to worry about silicone sealants shrinking or developing mold. Silicone sealants are superior to many other options such as acrylic sealants which are really just economic alternatives that don’t perform as well.

How are Silicone Sealants Used?

Silicone sealants are used in a variety of applications. They are used in indoor and outdoor construction projects indoors to protect structures from the elements. These sealants can be used on all kinds of materials including metals, glass, ceramics, plastic, PVC pipe, and more. After a sealant is applied, it typically takes at least one day maybe several to dry down.

Some of the most popular applications of silicone sealants include:
+ Bathtubs
+ Sinks
+ Faucets
+ Toilets
+ Tiles
+ Window and door frames
+ Automobiles
+ Appliances
+ Electronics

Because these sealants are so versatile, they are also beneficial to a wide variety of industries including transportation, medical, defense, consumer products, lighting, medical, and others.

Choosing The Right Silicone Sealant For The Job

Silicone sealants are effective at filling in cracks and breaks with ease. Different materials and different types of jobs call for different silicone sealants. Different circumstances also call for silicone sealants. For example, although silicone sealants are great at enduring extreme temperatures, some are better than others. Homeowners may prefer certain silicone sealants for simple household repairs while contractors might use others.

This is why PremierRepak offers a variety of private label silicone sealants in many sizes and colors. No matter what, our sealants are tough and will stand up to just about anything! If you don’t see a product that fits your needs in our extensive lineup, you can also order a customized sealant. We take your unique circumstances into account to create a product that’s effective for you.

Why You Should Choose PremierRepak

PremierRepak has over 30 years of experience in the silicone sealant business. We have been known for using only the finest quality private label silicone sealant from the two largest manufacturers in the industry. Businesses throughout Chicagoland and all over the United States have experienced our superior products. We are always investing in technology and machinery to push our company forward and provide customers with the highest level of satisfaction. When someone uses our silicone sealants for a project, they can expect superior results.

When you order your silicone sealants from PremierRepak, you can choose from drums, pails, buckets, cartridges, and tubes. Regardless of quantity, you can expect consistency. Our standards for quality have always been and always will be the highest.
PremierRepak also prides itself on our excellent customer service. When you’re unsure about the ordering process, we’ll walk you through it and make it easy.

Order Your Silicone Sealant Private Label Products from PremierRepak

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If you’d like bulk pricing on any of our silicone sealants, contact PremierRepak today! Your order for silicone sealants may qualify for a discount. If you have any questions about products, reach out to us, and we will be happy to help.