What are Greases?

Greases are essential to providing a smooth contact between moving surfaces.

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Grease adheres to metal surfaces to reduce friction and prevent welding. PremierRepak delivers the finest greases that match, if not surpass, name-brand quality. Companies not just in Chicagoland and Midwest, but all over the country trust PremierRepak for our superior grease private label options. We can help your business expand its services and create greater name recognition for your brand.

Greases are industrial lubricants. They are crucial to keeping machinery and electrical work performing at the top level. Typically, these greases are made from petroleum oil and thickened with soap. Synthetic oils can also be a useful option.

Greases are robust. They can endure extreme temperatures as low as -150 degrees Fahrenheit or as high as 600 degrees Fahrenheit while remaining stable and fluid. They are also able to withstand extreme pressure and load conditions. They insulate against corrosion and moisture. Greases are even hydrophobic and have high dielectric strength.

How Are Greases Used?

Grease is used to remain in contact with two moving parts and allow a smooth lubrication without leaking off from gravity or being squeezed out by pressure. It is a substance that is dependent and will remain on machine parts allowing them to glide and not grind.

Some of the most common uses for grease as a lubrication include:
+ Machinery
+ Gears
+ Bearings
+ Motors
+ Threads on bolts
+ Door hinges
+ Air riflesPlumbing

The presence of a grease reduces friction and wear of whatever object it’s lubricating. In turn, this cuts down on maintenance and replacement costs, even in environments that are fighting harsh conditions.

Choosing PremierRepak For Your Grease Private Label Needs

If you’re interested in grease private label options, there’s no better choice than PremierRepak. With over 30 years of experience in the industry and the promise to only use the finest greases, you can expect a level of uncompromised quality form us. There is nobody better to find the perfect grease for your application or to match a new grease with what you were previously using. We are able to deliver even high-volume orders quickly to customers across the United States. We offer our private label greases in a wide variety of sizes and types for a variety of applications. No matter what you choose, you can expect consistently superior lubrication.

PremierRepak protects your bottom line by allowing you to meet the needs of more customers. All your customers will come to expect a superior product in the finest packaging. Ultimately, we help your business scale, and we make it easy! You’ll have plenty of time to direct to other aspects of your business.

Even our customer service is superior. While other Midwest Chicagoland private label companies over-promise and under-deliver, we always follow through on our commitments. We are easy to reach whenever you have questions about our products or our process.

Maybe we don’t quite have what you’re looking for. If that’s the case, we are happy to take your custom order! Our ultimate goal is your satisfaction, and we believe you shouldn’t have to compromise on what you want. We’ll turn your vision into a reality!

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Are you ready to get a free quote on your grease private label needs? Contact PremierRepak today! Whether you’re interested in a small or high-volume request in the Midwest or beyond, we’ll work hard to make sure you’re completely satisfied with your order. Choosing PremierRepak ensures that your business keeps moving forward with innovation!