What are Silicone Fluids?

PremierRepak offers top of the line silicone fluids in all different viscosities and sizes.

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Our silicone fluids range from 0.65 cSt to 100,000 cSt and are available for purchase in 55-gallon drums, 5-gallon pails, and 500mL bottles. Ask us about private label options for our silicone fluids!

Silicone fluids are mainly used as a lubricant. They are nonflammable, have high thermal stability, and provide excellent electrical insulation. Silicone Fluids are mainly used for automotive, aviation, and industrial purposes. They are used as a release agent or coating, alone or as part of a compound formula. Silicone fluids provide a non-carbonizing mold release for high temperature and long life rubber, plastic and metal die castings.

Why You Should Choose PremierRepak's Silicone Fluids

Once again, PremierRepak offers only the finest product in the market. Our customer service is unmatched and is more than happy to help you find what’s best for your application. With silicone fluids from 0.65 cSt to 100,000 cSt and in 500mL bottles to 55-gallon drums, you are guaranteed to find exactly what you need!