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Quality Certifications

We are a company which values quality control and formalized practices throughout all our operations. PremierRepak exceeds the standards and boasts some of the highest quality certifications including: ISO 9001: 2015, NSF, UL, STLE, & CLS. Our teams follow the standards and employ rigorous quality documentation practices required of ALL of these certifications. Employees are engaged in the quality system, adhere to quality policies, and are regularly trained on Good Manufacturing Practices. PremierRepak also manufactures products to customer and regulatory specifications with complete traceability of batches and processes.


Quality Control

+   ISO-9001-2015 Certified
+   On Staff Chemist & Microbiologist
+   Original Formulation Inceptions
+   Proprietary Formulation Control & Protection
+   Retain Management & Review Program
+   Root Origin Traceability
+   GHS SDS Origination
+   HCAAP Sanitation/Environmental Program
+   Daily Microbial Sampling & Monitoring
+   Raw and Finished Materials Sampling & Inspection
+   De-Ionized Water System
+  IQ/OQ/Six Sigma Process/Product Evaluations

Quality Assurances

+  Shelf-life & Accelerated Stability Studies (Formula & Packaging)
+  Continuous In-process Inspections & Full Line-Clearance Sign-Offs
+  Reverse Engineering of Customer Owned and Retail Purchased Products
+  Certificates of Analysis/Compliance Issuance
+  Color Matching
+  In-Line Check-Weighing
+  In-Line UPC Verification
+  In-Line Nitrogen Protection
+  Fill Volume Reconciliations
+  Torque & Seal Testing
+  Artwork Control & Verification26

Testing & Lab Capabilities

Our on-site laboratory offers opportunities to evaluate the chemical composition of your product through complete in-process and finished goods lab testing. PremierRepak offers a variety of testing to address each project's requirements.

PremierRepak maintains a well-equipped in house laboratory for research and development as well as quality control. We also partner with regional private and diagnostic laboratories when required.

Lab Capabilites
+ Water Conductivity pH
+ Viscosity (RVT, HAT, Krebs, etc.)
+ Specific Gravity/Density
+ Microbial Monitoring & Sampling (TMC, APC, Yeast, Mold, Pseudomonas, Gluconbacter, etc.)
+ Draw-Downs; Contrast Ratios
+ Colorimetric Measurement (L-a-b) & Control
+ Percent Solids; Accurate & Rapid
+ Controlled Visual Standards
+ Hegman Grind
+ Torque Testing
+ Elastomeric Testing
+ Retain (Raws & Finished Goods) Storage & Continuous Evaluations